Who is Alice?

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with her yet, Alice is the lady behind the Pandaemonium. circus and I’m here to introduce you to Alice and her work.

Alice entered my life and my business at a crucial stage, and bought with her a boatload of sound advice, practical guidance and immense creative energy. Supporting me to transition my business in a difficult and complex industry.

The warmth of Alice’s personality and her empathy for others seeing her intuitively build stakeholder relationships and tactical networks. She actively campaigns for those in her broad network, working to progress them and support their growth. All qualities that naturally position her as a leader.

There are few people that I would say are visionary, but Alice is certainly one. She has the intellectual ability to grasp the fundamentals of everyone’s venture to consistently offer sound and considered advice. Whether Alice is rolling up her sleeves to get through a bulk task, mobilising others through clear direction or empowering individuals to step up to their potential. Alice is the kind of person everyone needs in their court.

It’s my pleasure to interview her here, so we can all get to know each other.

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Tell me a bit about yourself?

Ha! I’m really just a farmers daughter, I grew up in the dirt. I think it explains a lot.

How would you describe your career journey?

I don’t really consider myself to be working toward a particular career path. Im an entrepreneur. I think we consider these things differently. My focus is usually on the projects right in front of me, and doing my best to give that all I’ve got. Maybe my ‘career’ is coming together as a map of the projects I’ve worked on?

What is Pandaemonium?

It’s a little piece of me I suppose. That sounds quite self serving… but Im trying to cultivate a little space that I didn’t have when I started out. A space for all of us to explore the bounds of our work.

What inspired you to create Pandaemonium?

I’ve spent the last five years working on every kind of weird and wonderful project I could get my hands on and those experiences have been unbeatable. It’s made me a master of many crafts but it also makes for complete chaos.

Pandaemonium is all about really stepping into that and working toward wrangling a little bit of sense into the madness.

Being an innovator / entrepreneur / creative is a challenging road to travel, so if I can do something to support everyone as they go then I’m going to give it a crack.

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You’re worked on so many different projects. What’s the common thread?

My ambition definitely gets the better of me sometimes, so there isn’t really a common thread. I just meet people and want to get my hands dirty with what they’re working on and guzzle as much knowledge as I can while Im at it.

So the common thread is people I suppose. All the projects I’ve worked on comes down to a connection I’ve had with someone.

But there seem to be more and more common threads coming together in my work these days. Between Pandaemonium and my other business James by Two I’m really settling into the groovy of where I work best & I’m going to stick to that!

Reflecting on your creative skills, what do you think has been your greatest strength?

Definitely curation, seeing how all the pieces will come together and being able to work backwards for there. To wrangle a million aspects of a project into something that really knits together. It’s a pretty powerful thing when it comes together.

What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in your work at the moment?

Being able to step away from all the noise and to let my work speak for itself. It’s a tricky one for me, to feel comfortable in my work being enough.

Tell us about a ‘Eureka’ moment you’ve had about your work and where you’re heading?

I don’t think that ‘Eureka’ moments exist. Working through some of the big, scary, life altering questions is a process. There is a lot of looking in the mirror, which takes guts & time. Its really no fun at all but always worth it.

The big answers take time.

The compulsory question. Where will we find you in five years?

Hopefully a little closer to the people that matter to me the most.

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Interested in learning more about Alice’s solution architecture firm James by Two? Head to the website or shoot her an email.

Alice Armitage