The Power of Coworking

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WORDS Alice Armitage

It’s pretty clear that coworking is a trend that’s here to stay, and the team at Croissant, an coworking-on-depand app, are at the fore front of the coworking revolution.

We spoke to Georgette, Croissant’s Head of Community, about the goings on at Croissant & what they have to teach us about the way we are all working.

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Tell us a little about Croissant and how you got started with the team?

I’m their first hire actually! I started about two and a half years ago, helping with events and coworking sessions. We were growing our support team and our global outreach. When I started we had a majority of spaces in the U.S., and now we have spaces in Lisbon, Berlin, London, etc.

How did Croissant to be?

The company began with four friends who were trying to start work together in coffee shops around New York City.  They realised early on that cafes weren’t conducive for working together and needed something that worked with coworking spaces but more flexible. They couldn’t find what they were looking for, so they built it themselves.

Could you explain to us how Croissant works?

Of course! Every month, you get a stack of hours to use as you see fit. You can find coworking spaces on the app and when you arrive, you’ll select that space and check-in to alert the community manager. You can stay for a few hours or the whole day. Just check-out when you’re done. And any unused hours in your account will rollover onto the next month.

We help remote workers, entrepreneurs, or freelancers keep their flexibility while also helping them find  a space to focus and get out of their heads or the house a bit.

Coworking is becoming more and more mainstream, how do you think having access to a variety of different locations all over the world supports people to work better?

People all have their own work-style or how they work best. That might be with a quieter space or a space with some light chatter. It could be in bright spaces with cool furniture or in a darker, subdued office. Having a variety of spaces at your fingertips gives you freedom to figure out your work day and what suits you best. 

It also means you can stay flexible and still get work done. If you’re visiting family in one city or traveling for fun in another, you’ll have a space to go to if you need to focus.

In your experience what makes for the perfect coworking space?

It depends what drives you. Many people like having natural light, being near windows, cool design, and reliable wifi.  A good environment comes from all of that but it also comes from the community manager who can make a space feel cozy, fun, and engaged.

You’re based in New York but do you move around a lot yourself?

Yeah I’m based in New York, but I usually travelled around to visit family or just to see a new city or meet up with friends. Yes, I still cowork when I’m somewhere new haha.

How do you find people are building relationships with their coworkers if they are working in different spaces all of the time with Croissant? 

Through a few ways. Every new space brings a different community, and you can get to know the community manager or the members of the space. You can strike up a conversation in the kitchen or at an event later that night. It does rely on happenstance, but I find that it’s whatever you make of it. Strike up conversation with the other regulars at the communal table. Ask what someone’s working on when you see them again.

Do you personally have a favourite space at the moment? 

It’s really hard. I do love Bond Bushwick in Brooklyn, NYC and also Camp David in Industry City. 

How would a Croissant membership work for someone who isn’t always needing a space?

A few ways. Working on a project on your own or with a group of friends can be hard, especially if you don’t have a dedicated office or space where you get to focus. Most people will do this from home, which blurs the line between work and rest, and others will do this from the coffee shop, which is fun but can be hard if you do it all day. Having a dedicated space or knowing where to go sets a schedule for yourself, can recharge your curiosity, and can alert and inspire different parts of your brain. Being day in and day out in one space, like your apartment doesn’t help you take those ideas to the next level. 

And if you’re looking to hire, to host client meetings, or to host investors, sometimes you need that impressive dedicated space to host that one-on-one discussion.

Where do you see the future of remote work taking us all?

Accelerated technology has enabled us to make remote working more accessible in the last 5 years, and the trend is growing in acceptance as large companies start to engage remote workers. It helps with retention, it helps with reaching specialised workers, and it helps the individual’s happiness and work-life balance.

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Wanting to learn more about Croissant? You can find them here.

Alice Armitage