Dr Asha Ram ; Doctor - Artist - Investor - Philanthropist


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There is nothing that quite describes what it’s like to be in the presence of Asha Ram. It’s like coming home and being thrown deep into a torrid ocean all at once.

Asha is a Doctor, Artist, Writer, Philanthropist and Investor; and I worked closely with Asha to support her in the navigation of her work. To bringing her musings, abstract notions and bold ambitions for the future to life, merging her diverse elements to curate one profound narrative.

I’m also lucky enough to call her my friend and confidant.

Having worked so closely along side Asha, I’ve learn’t so many things about her complex nature and how she navigates her drive to pursue such diverse passions. So I asked her to share some of her learnings with us as all.

Enjoy x

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How do you balance all of the projects you’re working on at the moment?

I feel most alive, engaged, energised and creative when different parts of my intellect are stimulated. There is so much synergy within my different projects so one always interlaces with another to form the tapestry that is my life and my work.

I’ve learnt to build small, specialised teams around me to support and implement the development of my ideas which enables me to focus on driving my vision forward and focusing on my creative growth and exploration. 

What is the first thing you do when you get to your desk in the morning? 

‘Getting to my desk’ means something different for me everyday! I very consciously harness my mindset to suit my varied roles and the different spaces I work from and work in play a huge role in shaping my mindset. 

The space is always different. So is whatever book I have under my arm and whatever music or podcast is playing. But you’ll almost always find me balancing a freshly brewed green tea, with some flowers I’ve collected somewhere along the way and a pile of mail / emails / results / messages to be read!

We all live in such a decentralised world here in 2018. Has your work taken a far?

My clinic is based here in Hobart but everywhere! My work (and my curiosity) has taken me also everywhere! 

From the UK to the US. 

Across Africa & Europe. 

And of course closer to home, having worked in my native Fiji and East Timor. 

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Since I first met you, I’ve continued to be blown away by your generosity and commitment to those who are less fortunate. Is that represented in your work history as well?

I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and I’ve continued to be drawn to working in areas of great need and disadvantage.

I worked as a female prison doctor, with severely disabled Alzheimer’s patients and in the area of sexual assault.  The harder it was, the better it felt. No matter where I went there was always the consistent narrative of women facing extreme adversity. 

All of this exposure continues to fuel the work I do. 

My goal has always been to broaden our views on beauty, confidence and self worth.

How do you think your upbringing has shaped the way you work?

I was born in Fiji. The third daughter to Indian parents and I had to fight tooth and nail to get to medical school, to get to where I am now. I think it’s shown me the power I have to overcome any adversity, that there is no limit to what I can achieve!

What have you learnt about yourself through mentoring others?

The privilege and responsibility of mentoring  has given me immense pleasure and I’ve build connections with women who are daring in their thinking, who find the comfortable uncomfortable and challenge the world. 

I see a lot of myself in those I mentor and it’s a little like a reaching hand to one’s younger self. 

What’s on the cards for Asha Ram for the next five years?

My modus operandi is to let life unfold.

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