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 Seeking investment and financial support is a huge part of most of our entrepreneurial journeys, not matter the nature of our work. Its also one of the most difficult challenges we face - finding the right investor is hard & knowing how to go about it is even harder.

But we’ve got you. Alice & the rest of our team have been working in the startup ecosystem for quite some time now. With a heavy focus on supporting entrepreneurs as they work to acquire funding.

It means we know this tango, this terribly difficult tango. It means we know who you should be speaking to and what kind of funding you should be looking for.

So, how does this work?

We’ve built a diverse portfolio of investors and grant givers that are keen to meet upcoming and emerging projects, just like you. All you have to do is submit your details below and we’ll get in touch. Giving you a little guidance on how you should be approaching investors and making some introductions for you!

Any question? Get in touch. Our digital door is always open.

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